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About me


After a successful first career as a translator, with an MA in French, a BA in Spanish, and a special interest in painting and design, Anne Elise Pemberton studied glass techniques with many artists, including Brent Kee Young, Doug Anderson, and Jude Schlotzhaeur, while continuing her studies of design, painting, and – subsequently – photography.  Since 1982, she has lived with her husband in Bethesda, Maryland.


A professional artist since 1991, she has exhibited her creations in major galleries, including: 



She has also taught glass and design techniques. 


Her work is included in collections worldwide, and has been featured in local and national television programs, and also in Lark Books’ “500 Glass Objects” and Schiffer Books’ “Art Glass Today”.  Her photography was included in another Schiffer Books publication "Flowers in Art" in 2013.  She has presented lectures to glass organizations, and demonstrated techniques at the Renwick Gallery and the National Geographic Society.

Anne Elise specializes in abstract glass and mixed-media wall hangings and panels.


She herself makes some of her own glass from fused-glass powders, and, while most of her work is kilnformed, she often employs other techniques, such as coldworking, casting, assemblage, and flameworking.


For several years she has experimented with unusual combinations of glass and silver leaf, painting, and photography printed on glass and other translucent materials. Her multilayer glass and metal pictures measure ½ to 1 inch thick, and are matted and framed. Other creations involve a technique similar to pâte de verre, in which several panels of glass lattice-work, resembling abstract lace, are mounted in backlit shadow boxes (in separate grooves approximately ½” apart), or are framed and combined with painting or photography as background.


The characteristic depth in her creations draws the viewer into mysterious, imaginary worlds full of illusions and contrasts, evoking both inner and outer space, and dominated by light.

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