I have had extensive training in glass techniques and fine art, although I am largely self-taught in my current methods. 

I create works in kilnformed glass, specializing in one-of-a-kind abstract wall hangings and panels. The glass is heated in a kiln to shape it or to fuse different layers.


My earlier work consisted of glass collages in which several layers of glass are bonded together at a low temperature to produce texture and definition. 

I combined highly contrasting types of glass in this work – mainly transparent and iridescent, with some opaque and dichroic elements.


In recent work I combine micromosaic fusing/casting, enameling, gilding, coldworking, and flameworking, to produce atmospheric landscapes.  Using multiple layers of crushed glass, glass powders, and sheet glass, I create distinctive colors, textures, and effects of depth. 

Several separate firings are required for my multilayered creations.  My glass lattice-work is produced by sifting layers of glass powder directly onto a kiln shelf and then creating the lace-like pattern, using brushes.  Extensive coldworking and several firings are often necessary for the desired effect to be achieved.

"Love Sonnet"

multilayered fused glass powder wall panel, oil paint, text, framed